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The Income Millionaire Project Q&A

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JeffHey Amber, it’s Jeff. Are you free to do the call now? 

AmberYep. I’m ready to go. 

JeffAwesome. I appreciate you taking this call on a Sunday! Now that we’re a few days removed from the event… 

How do you feel about it? 

AmberGreat! It was a lot of fun. But I’m definitely enjoying my weekend. I’m exhausted! 

JeffThat’s totally understandable. You put in a lot of work to get ready for the event. And you definitely deserve some R&R. 

So I promise I’ll make this call as brief as I can. 

AmberIt’s not a problem at all. And we can take as long as you need Jeff. I want to make sure I answer the most pressing questions folks have about the Income Millionaire Project.  

JeffGreat. I appreciate it. And I’m sure everyone who tuned in does as well. 

Before we get started, I just want to take a second to remind everyone that if you asked a question that involves your personal investing situation, we can’t answer it.  

Having said that, I know Amber is looking to get back to enjoying her weekend… so let’s get started with the first question. 

And it’s a doozy. 

Are you really guaranteeing I’ll have the opportunity to make $1 million with your technique? 

AmberWell Jeff, I do believe you’re the one who actually made the guarantee. But I’m ok with it of course. The cradle-to-grave income technique I use isn’t just the result of thousands of hours of research and testing… 

It’s the culmination of my entire career as an income analyst. 

So I’m 100% sure it’s possible.  

JeffAgreed. And to be clear, I know having the chance to generate a million dollars is a bold promise folks. But the results Amber presented during the webinar speak for themselves. 

Plus, when you agree to take part in this historic initiative, you’ll get a lifetime subscription to her Income Trader advisory which provides you with the ongoing trades you’ll need to hit this goal.  

Because as we mentioned a number of times during the event – you’re not going to make that kind of money overnight. 

AmberExactly. But, at the risk of repeating myself, I want everyone listening to understand it is possible. And most importantly, you can do it without taking on excessive amounts of risk like you’d have to if you were investing in something highly speculative like a cryptocurrency. Or a penny stock. 

Because I only make this move on high-quality companies that pass my rigorous five-point evaluation system. 

JeffAnd they won’t have to wait a long time in between each trade right? I mean, you’re not planning on only releasing, say, one trade a month or something are you? 

AmberNo way. There are literally thousands of these opportunities available at any one time. For example, in the past few months alone you could have collected:  

  • $330 on Advanced Micro Devices  
  • $495 on Target Corp 
  • $675 on Dillard’s 
  • $720 on Seagate Technology 
  • $1,050 on Microsoft and 
  • $1,155 on Visa 

At the same time, I’m only going to send out trade instructions when I’m convinced you can win. 

Which usually happens about once a week on average.  

JeffAnd the odds of winning are around 90%? 

AmberYep. Somewhere in that neighborhood.  

And it’ll only be on a company I’d be ok owning shares of if I lose the bet. 

But as you mentioned, that doesn’t happen very often. 

If fact, I know we shared stories from readers during the webinar who say their win rate is as high as 94%. That means they’re making money on 94 out of every 100 trades. 

JeffIt truly is amazing.  

Which is why I’m completely ok with guaranteeing the people who take part in your Income Millionaire Project will have the chance to make a million bucks. 

But it does lead to another question. 

How much money do I need to get started? 

AmberWell, it really depends on each person and their financial situation. But my goal was to create a program that was accessible to as many people as possible. And I think I’ve done that. 

You just need to be aware that the stock could get “put” to you. And if that happens you need to buy 100 shares for every contract you sold. So in other words, if you sold 5 put contracts and you lose the bet…  

You’ll need to buy 500 shares of stock. 

Which is why I typically recommend you have around $20,000 in your trading account.  

JeffOk. And just to be clear… it’s possible to start with less than that too, right? 

AmberYou can. And the nice thing is, if you don’t have enough cash to cover the bet you’re trying to make with someone… your broker won’t let you do it. 

So there’s no way you can get in over your head.  

JeffThat leads me to another common question that’s come up. 

You say this program is for everyone. But since it’s options, do I need a special account? 

AmberNo. You don’t need a separate account. You can trade options in the same account you buy regular stocks in…  

But you do need options trading approval from your broker. 

JeffIs that hard to get? 

AmberHardly! It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application. And I even walk you step-by-step through how to do it in the Start-Up Guide that you get in the Income Trader welcome kit. 

JeffHere’s another question I’ve seen a number of times Amber 

I don’t have time to sit at my computer all day! How fast do these trades move?  

AmberWell this certainly isn’t some day-trading system where you need to constantly check your emails.  

In fact, for the most part, you’ll only hear from me in the weekly alerts.  

In total, you may spend about 20 minutes a month reading the alerts and making the trades. 

Remember, when you sell a put… you’re agreeing to a date with the buyer that’s a few months out. And once you make the trade, only one of four things can happen. 

  1. The stock goes up. In which case you do nothing. The contract you had with the buyer expires worthless. And you walk away with the money 
  2. The stock stays the same. Again, there’s no need to do a thing. You keep the money free and clear. 
  3. The stock drops, but not to the price you agreed to with the buyer. Again… you STILL win. And the money you collected when you sold the put is yours to keep. 
  4. The stock drops below the price you agreed to. In this case you’ve just bought a solid dividend-paying stock at a great discount. And you still keep the money you collected from selling the put. 

Best of all, each of these things happen automatically without you doing a thing.  

JeffEven knowing all of this, some folks say they’re worried they’ll take one of lifetime memberships we’ve opened… then find out it’s not for them. So they’re wondering if they can get their money back. 

Amber: The short answer is no. There are no refunds. Because believe it or not, we’ve had instances where someone subscribes to a service just to get the special briefing… then asks for a refund. And it’s simply not fair to everyone else. 

We only want people to join who are committed to building a lifetime of wealth. And we’ve found this is the best way to keep the tire-kickers from taking one of the limited slots we’ve opened. 

That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you join Income Trader then decide it isn’t for you.  

Because you can contact customer service and they’ll issue you an electronic voucher which gets you into another service of your choosing.  

I’m not too worried about that happening though. 

I would have never agreed to be a part of something called the Income Millionaire Project if I wasn’t 100% convinced I could deliver on the name.  

JeffAnd I wouldn’t be willing to send 1,000 people a check for $1,000 to kickstart their journey with you either.  

Because let’s face it, that puts me on the hook for a million bucks. 

With that said, a bulk of the open spots are already spoken for… 

So if you have any interest in joining this project, please click the “I’m In!” button at the bottom of your screen.  

Well Amber, I know you're looking forward to get back to resting. And I don’t want to hold you up from that.  

But do you have time for two more quick questions? 


JeffOk… the first one is: Does this program still work if the market is going down? 

AmberThat’s a great question. And the answer is yes. It does. In fact, it works even better.  

Because as volatility increases, the price you can charge for a bet goes up. 

I mean think about, when share prices are falling, everyone thinks it’s a great idea to bet they’ll plunge to a ridiculous level… 

So they pile in. And drive the cost of puts sky high. 

Which means you can charge even more money upfront to take the bet. 

The problem for the put buyers again though, is that I’ll only have you make this move on rock-solid companies… 

So their share price will rarely, if ever, fall to the absurd levels they’re betting on.  

Which means you’ll win the bet. And walk away with the cash. 

JeffThat’s fantastic insight. And it’s good to know since we’re only letting people join for a lifetime… so there’s bound to be ups and downs over that much time. 

AmberYep. Up. Down. Sideways. This program works in every market.  

JeffOk great. Last question then Amber 

Can I make this trade in my 401k? 

AmberAnother good question! Yes. After you’ve been approved for options trading you can use my technique in your 401k. And even a regular IRA.  

Like I said before, this is not a risky move I’m showing you how to make. 

And because of that, the government allows you make the trades I’ll recommend in your retirement accounts.  

JeffAlright then Amber. I think we’ve covered all the most common questions.  

I just want to thank you for putting the Income Millionaire Project – and the live event – together. 

I’ve been in this business for nearly 20 years and I can say without hesitation, I’ve never seen anything like it.  

Let’s go back over some of the instant income opportunities you’ve found again... 

  • $330 on Advanced Micro Devices  
  • $495 on Target Corp 
  • $675 on Dillard’s 
  • $720 on Seagate Technology 
  • $1,050 on Microsoft and 
  • $1,155 on Visa 

That’s just to name a few. It’s truly remarkable. 

AmberThanks. I’m excited to start helping folks take advantage of these opportunities. 

And if anyone is still on the fence about becoming a part of the Income Millionaire Project, please remember, within minutes of signing up I’ll send you a briefing with the details on three trades you can make immediately. 

Each one offers you the chance to collect up to $1,000 (or more) of instant income. 

JeffAnd there’s almost no way the money you make from those trades won’t pay for your entire membership fee. 

AmberWell, it depends on the size of bet they make Jeff. But I agree. It’s totally possible.  

JeffLet me cover what else you’ll get when you agree to take part in Amber’s project today… 

AmberHey Jeff, can I interrupt you for just a second? 


AmberI just wanted to let everyone know that right before you called me, my proprietary 5-step selection process turned up ANOTHER instant income opportunity 

And I’m going to release the details to members of Income Trader on Wednesday. 

It’s a rock-solid, billion-dollar enterprise that pays out a stout dividend. 

And I’ve put together a trade that allows you to collect up to $1,000 from people willing to bet its share price is going to drop 

My analysis says that’s simply not going to happen. And when it doesn’t, you’ll win the bet. And walk away with the cash free and clear.  

Even if it does, all it means is that you’ve bought a great company at an extreme discount.  

Plus, it opens up the doors for you to use the unique twist to my technique to collect even more income.  

JeffWow, that’s a great surprise Amber. Thanks for sharing it. 

Remember, when you join today you won’t just get Amber’s newest trade, and her urgent briefing with three other trades… 

You’ll also get a lifetime subscription to Income Trader 

You’ll have the guaranteed opportunity to generate $1 million in retirement income…  

And I’ll send you a check for $1,000 to kickstart your millionaire journey.  

Well, I think that’s it.  

Amber, thanks so much for your time.  

AmberMy pleasure Jeff. Thanks for putting this call together. It was awesome.  

Jeff: Just a reminder, there’s a limited number of spaces open in the Income Millionaire Project. 

And our customer service director let me know that they’re filling fast. 

When someone takes the 1000th spot, we’ll immediately close this offer out.  

And I doubt you’ll ever see anything close to it again.  

So if you want the chance to generate $1 million in retirement income… 

You need to make your move now. 

Click the “I’m In” button below to get started.  

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