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I wouldn’t miss this for the world…You shouldn’t either.

Jim PearceHi, Jim Pearce here.

Congratulations on your decision to sign up for Amber Hestla’s Income Millionaire webinar on Friday.

You are quite literally, laying the foundation to generate life-changing amounts of wealth.

Because Amber has developed a cradle-to-grave instant income technique that makes every other type of investing virtually obsolete.

And when she pulls the wraps off it just days from now…

You’re going to discover a simple way to instantly collect $330, $720, and even $1,155….

So many times…

Her publisher, Jeff Little, is guaranteeing you can use it to make $1 million in retirement income.

If it were anyone but Amber – I’d say he was crazy to go so far out on a limb.

But the truth is, Amber is the one of the best income analysts I’ve ever met.

She has nearly a decade of firsthand experience calculating what investments generate the most income with the least amount of risk…

And she’s used it to develop the simple market move she’ll show you on Friday.

I know I wouldn’t miss this webinar for anything.

And you shouldn’t either.

Because some folks using Amber’s program say they are making more money than they ever dreamed of…

I’m talking about regular people like Jim R. from Abilene Texas who let us know…

Dave Christiansen says…


And Kevin Martin told us he makes up to $9,000 a month.


Look, I’ll be honest, the results these folks have experienced are extraordinary.

But they are a perfect example of how lucrative this technique can be.

And on Friday, Amber and Jeff are going to walk you through how it works.

Then, they’re going to do something that will blow you away.

I can’t share what it is here. I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

But I promise you it’ll be worth your while.

Be sure to go to at 10 a.m. ET on Friday to find out what it is.


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Jim Pearce
Chief Investment Strategist
The Income Millionaire Project

P.S. If you just signed up for the webinar take a second to head over to and check out the articles Amber and Jeff have already posted.

They’re a great way to get up to speed and make sure you get the most out of Friday’s event.